WEATHER OF Mussoorie


This hill resort was discovered by an officer young in 1827. Land elegance by all the gift of nature's richness, Mussoorie was a restricted colonial resort through the British Raj. But nowadays, Mussoorie situate out as a perfect vacationing objective of North India. The distance between this place and Dehradun is 36 km, it always welcomes group of the tourists every year with its sacred landscape and moderate weather. It is the idea of thrashing the summer heat or for the enjoying a perfect weekend, and of course it is the Mussoorie is the favorite spot for the holidays. Here we are giving the weather detail of the Massoorie which will be helpful for the all tourists.


In Mussoorie the summer season (April to June) is very good. It happens due the height of this place and the hill resort run away the great heat of the summer season. At this place the maximum temperature is 30oC and the minimum temperature is 10oC recorded during the summer season. So the summer season is the peak season due to the summer vacations also. So in this season this place seems to be very crowded. In this also light woolen are advisable for all


The winter season (late October to mid- February) is very cold here. At the night the level of the temperature reaches till 1oC. And the days are also remaining a little foggy, with the sun life form gentle and easygoing. In the day time the maximum temperature is 10oC. Occasionally, snowfall might direct to road-blocks in winters season. Therefore, the place remains insufficiently populated through this season.


At this place the monsoon season is July to September. Due the heavy rain fall all the way and roads became unsuitable for the trekking as well as for the driving also. By the beginning of the spring season in the end of September, the place reaches at its highest point of beauty. This is the best time to visit Mussoorie is either during the spring season (September to November) or between the months of April and June.