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Completed Projects

We are an institution of Local Governance called Urban Local Body (ULB) . There are various Completed Projects of ULBs we are classified as a Nagar Palika type of ULB. We are constituted as per the Constitutional provisions in the Constitution of India . The 74 th Amendment promulgated by the Parliament in the year 1992 has provided the framework for our existence.

Fa├žade Improvement of H.N.B. Complex, Ghantagher

1. Project involve work of Facade Improvement, Installation of Fire Fighting System & Escalators, Improvement of Boundary Wall, Retrofitting, landscaping and operation & maintenance of H.N.B. Complex.

2. Project is proposed to be developed at PPP basis , these works needs to be carried out by selected private Developer on Build, Operate and Transfer basis .

3. RFP was floated to invite participation from reputed private developers to undertake the project in PPP mode. Through which GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd. is selected & Letter of Award issued to the firm.

4. Concession Agreement has been signed between MDDA & GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt. Ltd.Total Land area- 10174.35 Sqm

5.Creation of Road network and its maintenance.

Mall Road-redevelopment:

1. Project proposal has been submitted to the Government on 5th June 2013.

2. Proposed policy for Mall Road Re-development is submitted on 13.07.2013 to the Government.

3. The DCA and RFP documents submitted to the Government on 4/10/2013

4. The amended policy submitted to the Government on 21/10/2013

5. Notification of Section 4 and Section 17 was published on 14/10/2013

6. Loan Application of loan from HUDCO regarding the compensation has sent.

7. State Government decision on granting sec. 6 notification done."