Citizen Charter

What is a Citizen's Charter?

Citizen's Charter is a document which represents a systematic effort to focus on the commitment of the Organisation towards its Citizens with respect to Standard of Services, Information, Choice and Consultation, Non-discrimination and Accessibility, Grievance Redressal, Courtesy and Value for Money. This also includes expectations of the Organisation from the Citizen for fulfilling the commitment of the Organisation.

Who is a 'Citizen' with reference to Citizen's Charter?

The term 'Citizen' in the Citizen's Charter implies the clients or customers whose interests and values are addressed by the Citizen's Charter and, therefore, includes not only the citizens but also all the stakeholders, i.e., citizens, customers, clients, users, beneficiaries, other Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations, State Governments, UT Administrations etc.

Whether Ministries/ Departments/ Agencies of State Governments and UT Administrations are also required to formulate Citizen's Charters?

Citizen's Charter initiative not only covers the Central Government Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations but also the Departments/ Agencies of State Governments and UT Administrations. Various Departments/ Agencies of many State Governments and UT Administrations have brought out their Charters. More than 600 Citizen's Charters have been issued by Agencies/ Organisations of 24 States/ Union Territoriesso far.

Whether Citizen's Charter is legally enforceable?

No. The Citizen's Charter is not legally enforceable and, therefore, is non-justiciable. However, it is a tool for facilitating the delivery of services to citizens with specified standards, quality and time frame etc. with commitments from the Organisation and its clients.